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preferred to trust to the suprapubic method. The operation was performed

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it is not safe to depend upon atrophy in reaching a

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chffitae or animal parasites. Such cases are usually classed

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tumor itself and never in the normal tissue and then

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The reason for the hobby riders is that they study and

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be requested to watch the progress of Dr. Dalrymple s Bill

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food and unripe fruit seem to predispose to the disease. Great stress has

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tion of the counter irritant. Local external stimulation resusci

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y L. Lepri flesli. But w meet with nothing in the Mosaic account

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roughened bone. No mobility can be obtained at the seat of

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surface is a very rare disease most frequently found in girls suffering

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case. I never use chloroform or ether in extraction as the sickness

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and communicating catastrophe before which persons of

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cases. As stated by Dr. Davis at the last meeting of

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lem as treatment is usually done for cosmetic benefit and

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