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the finding and removal of the cause using at the same

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forward to allow rest to the shoulder. Rough handling

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important bodies which assist in bacterial destruction. In the mean

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ments for lithotomy We have seen various efTorts with Heurte

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name. The aggregate of the above described fibres form concen

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phy. The separation from trichinosis can be made only by removing a

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The anatomical features are a sclerosis of the posterior columns which

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third injection of the atropine I noticed sitting near

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lent products into the capillary tubes and the effects of the in

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is communicated by means of plants growing in soil in

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the term diarrhoea would be generally applied. To your inquiry if the

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On the evening of April th Dr. and Mrs. Walter Lindley

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in a short time twelve to twenty four hours they coalesce

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on Monday has been postponed indcfinitelj in consequcnpo

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those of the Scots we possess the ocular testimony of Jerome

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guinea pigs which are very susceptible to tetanus can stand a

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The history of the case showed it to have gone through

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ward symptoms. This suggestion should be followed particularly in cases

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min do not interfere with the determination while acetone and diacetic acid do

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of identity of cultural amebas and those parasitic in man. By experi

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mother secretes the substances of nutrition which by coining in con

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p. sometimes treat these cases successfully with active friction.

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discomfort throughout the pelvis which in some cases may persist for

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having taken much opium fhe feems at length to have formed gravel

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Ruth F. Skelton. B Historical Inquiry by Alice Hen

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In truth he had little system or method especially in the subdivis

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Local sensitization is frequently established in the mucous mem

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reason why the diseased ear would be attacked on account of the

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a fortiori to typhoid fever admitting that this is only a mild

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their respective headings in the several articles of this volume. The

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will be most excellent in his locality although per

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people fly from the enemy or they endeavour to guard themselves

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at Ellis tstand is at present in charge of traduma work

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This fact has been verified by years of experience and is no

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tion of medicines which under a more favourable state of the

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ting more feeble traction was made without efiect and all pulsation

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