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be raised with a fold of the skin the hypodermic needle intro
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vaporized into the trachea coughing being avoided. In addition to
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same side. This gives a slightly longer route for the
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symptoms of pleurisy and pneumonia are observed as the
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cutaneous tissue develops which later results in necrosis of
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the name of this patient but the medical staff has changed since this
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is produced. A distended gall bladder moves downward with in
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years he had never taken less than three quarters of a pint and
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human and not from avian bacilli. Even though objection might be
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form a large and useful group of fluid substances. The
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or even a larger proportion. According to Lungershausen the disease
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Infantile mortaUty from poisoning by syrups cordials and
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date of the report the disease was still very prevalent. As
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growth did not make any appreciable projection in the suprahyoid
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generally those who have not aortic lesions. They are affected by neuralgia
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ever we found that the grasses were more luxuriant and of
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Diabetes acute fevers and gout are examples of such impair
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prevents infection and ensures more thorough removal
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extent to which recent research supported by the program has been translated
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with a four years course and make it as thorough and compre
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applies Plate XXX Figs.. It was noted that in some cases the
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learn that the small dose is not only as good but better than
pays for itself every month For an idea of how valuable it
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and from that time she had been lying in bed in a very
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tion was decreasing and smallest where it was increasing.
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jority of children thereby causing a waste of nerve energy at
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decomposition of significant amounts of sugars or their derivatives.
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pound weight brought a sense of relief instead of being a
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tion by two or three advanced medical men of the District of
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of most service in the sub acute variety of the disease.
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were remaining at the end of the year. In Magdeburg
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as yet been establislicd even if it had assumed the fomi of
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signed by six hundred and sixty three students includ
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presents variations both in its extent and in its in
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lar symptoms which indicated to the attending physicians
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cerebri is in inverse ratio to the area of bone removed. Experi
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existed in women that had borne a large number of children and
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injected bacilli reaches the mesentery where they form nodules
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with Eru lations and copious Flatulencies. It generally

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