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In another test during October embryos were viable on the th day

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examination of the lesser members of the body. For good all round

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benzene which in many ways acts like the roentgen ray appears to

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conducted into the chimney stock or drawn away by a fan. The

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My diagnosis was perforation of the gall bladder with

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Dr. Cowles appreciate the force of Dr. Fitzgerald s remarks in

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enable us to form a better judgment regarding the cases in which it

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spermatic channels l fr. to M. Garriel for his application of vul

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helms at E E the only position where the helmsman can have

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incision. In a normal joint the incisions that are now

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rowths which I include under the category of tubercles.

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in his power to compensate for his deficiencies. Leaving those

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before inflammation could have set in in the second case

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instance of the Registrar General and the Home Secretary

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the local authority could not interfere under this Act and the

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that twenty five per cent of all physicians who die under

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arterial tension. Such patients are elderly or at least middle aged

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muddiness of the cornea apparently deep seated followed by the ef

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of dysentery perfect consciousness remains until the

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metritis. He believes that the treatment acts by preventing the rupture of

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in some respects his attacks suggest uncinate fits. There is a slight

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caused by the destruction of the muscular coat and nerves situated in

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attend the clinics most of whom are professors instruct

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scription of the disastrous results. According to this mythical story

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cataract glaucoma embolism or thrombosis of the central vessels of the

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